Mississippi Tax Forms Filing 2015

Mississippi Tax Forms Filing 2015

MS tax basis is the state adjusted taxes.

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Rent Income: Same as federal.

Capital Gain: The Capital Gains are treated like to Federal for State Taxes.

Unemployment Income: Same as federal

Your Social Security Benefits: Your all social security income is exempt from state taxes.

State Bond Interest: Taxable except MS obligation

Health Savings Accounts: matching as federal.

Disability: matching as federal.

Lottery: Mississippi gambling income is exempt

Federal Income Taxes: Not deductible.

Other Taxes: Deduction for prepaid tuition contracts and qualified college


Payroll Tax Calculator 2016

Nearly 160 million employees will profit from the extension of the reduced payroll tax rates that has been in effect for 2011. The provisional Payroll Cut continuance Act of 2011 for the time being extends the 2 percentage point payroll cut for workers, ongoing the reduction of their Social Security withholding rate from 6.2 % to 4.2 % of wages paid through Feb. 29, 2012. This reduced Social Security withholding will have no result on employees’ future Social Security profit.

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    * Can be used as QuickBooks payroll subscription option with the capability to export payroll data to QuickBooks software.

    * Supports income per mile and per piece.

    * Prints on preprinted scan able W3 forms and W2 forms.

    * Exports payroll reports to Excel, CSV and PDF.

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    * create Direct Deposit Files.


Get Your Forms From Here …

80-105 Form, Resident Individual Return

80-107 Form, Individual W-2 Data Sheet

80-106 Form, Payment Voucher for Individual

80-108 Form, which includes:

    * Schedule A-Itemized Deductions

    * Schedule N-Other Income (Loss) and Supplemental Income

    * Schedule B-Interest and Dividends

80-160 Form, Credit for Income Taxes Paid to One or More States

80-300 Form, Estimated Individual Income Taxes

8453 OL Form, Individual Declaration for Online preparation

80-320 Form, Interest on Underestimate of Individual

80-491 Form, Individual Statement of Additional Dependents

80-492 Form, Credit Summary Schedule

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MS Standard Deduction 2015

Filing Status Single – Deduction Amount – $2, 300

Filing Status Married Filing Joint – Deduction Amount – $4, 600

Filing Status Married Filing Separate- Deduction Amount – $2, 300

Filing Status (HOH) Head of House hold – Deduction Amount – $3, 400

MS Itemized Deductions

Itemized Deductions Allowed – Yes

State Income and Sales Taxes Deductible – None

Other Taxes Deductible – Federal

Interest Expenses Deductible – Federal

Medical Expenses Deductible – Federal

Charitable Contributions Deductible – Federal

Other Misc. Deductions – State

MS Personal Exemptions Credits

Credits For Single – Exemptions is 6, 000

Credits For Married Filing Joint – Exemptions is 12, 000

Credits for Exemption for Blind – Exemptions is 1, 500

Credits For Married Filing Separate – Exemptions is 6, 000

Credits for (HOH) Head of Household – Exemptions is 8, 000

Credits For Elderly – Exemptions is 1, 500

Credits for Exemption for Disabled – Exemptions is 0

Credits For Dependent Exemption – Exemptions is 1, 500

Credits For Handicap Exemption – Exemptions is 0

Credits for Exemption for Deaf – Exemptions is 0


State Tax Refund