Massachusetts Tax Forms 2016

Massachusetts Tax Forms 2016

Deduction When Purchasing a Home

If there is everything in this world that is sure it’s the reality that everybody likes to save on their taxes when April rolls approximately. If you people have acquired a new home in the previous year you are going to want to make sure that you have remembered all the acceptable deductions.

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When taking out a mortgage to buy a house, there are definite deductions that the IRS permit that you are going to require to keep in mind. The list below summarizes the deductions that a lot of people not remember about when buying Real Estate:


Points paid when taking out a mortgage are deductible if they are used to reduce the mortgage interest rate. In the event you don’t know, a point is 1% of the loan amount. For example on a $200,000 mortgage a point would equivalent $2000.00.

Typically the majority people would not want to pay points on a loan unless the probability was to be in the house for a while to bring back the cost of such points in the form of reduced payments. In order to body out if paying points makes sense, you require calculating the mortgage payment amount both with and without points.


By looking at the spread between these figures you can decide how you extended would require being in the house before it would make fiscal sense. For a total explanation see when to pay points on a mortgage. Points or origination fees paid when you buy a home or other Real Estate are generally deductible in full for the year that you people pay them.

It should be made clear that beginning charges from the lender that constitute a “service fee” are not deductible. Another technique you could make is to amortize the points over the term of the mortgage. This option is typically made only when your itemized deductions are fewer than the standard deduction for the year you purchased your new house.

In addition when you refinance a mortgage the points must be deducted over the term of the loan. If you deduct points over the period of the loan and sell the home or refinance it again before the loan expires, you people can subtract in the year of the deal or refinancing any points that you didn’t until that time deduct. Keep in mind that you will be clever to get the top mortgage interest rates when you have a huge FICO Credit Score.


From time to time a seller will pay the local taxes collector’s office for Real Estate taxes prior to the closing. In some circumstances, however, the purchaser will pay a pro-rated part of the taxes for the year at closing. This Real Estate deduction is one that not remembered fairly often.

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8582 Form, Passive Activity Loss Limitations

Form 1, MA Resident Return

Form 1-ES, predictable Payment

M-2210 Form, Underpayment of MA predictable Income Taxes

M-1310 Form, declaration of Claimant to Refund due a Deceased payer

M-8453 Form, Individual Declaration for Online Filing

PV Form, MA Payment Voucher

Schedule B, Interest, Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and Losses

Schedule C, MA Profit or Loss from industry

CB Schedule, Circuit Breaker Credit

D  Schedule, Long-Term Capital Gains and Losses not including Collectibles

DI Schedule

D-IS Schedule, Long-Term Capital Gains and Losses on Installment Sales

E Reconciliation Schedule, whole Supplemental Income and (Loss)

E-1 Schedule, Rental Real Estate and Royalty Income and (Loss)

E-2 Schedule, company and S Corporation Income and (Loss)

E-3 Schedule, Estate, Trust, REMIC and Farming Income and (Loss)

EC Schedule, Solar and Wind power Credit

INC Schedule – W-02 Forms and 1099 Information

Schedule X/Y, Other Income, Other Deductions

Schedule Z/RF, Other Credits, Other Refundable Credits

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MA Personal Exemptions Credits

Credits for Single – Exemptions is 3, 575

Credits for Married Filing Joint – Exemptions is 7, 150

Credits for Married Filing Separate – Exemptions is 3, 575

Credits for Head of Household – Exemptions is 700

Credits for Elderly – Exemptions is 3, 575

Credits for Dependent Exemption – Exemptions is 1, 000

Credits for Handicap Exemption – Exemptions is 0

Credits for Exemption for Blind – Exemptions is 2, 200

Credits for Exemption for Deaf – Exemptions is 0

Credits for Exemption for Disabled – Exemptions is 0